Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (Advertising on Social Media such as Facebook, twitter, google plus, etc.) is the most effective and at the same time economical way of advertising in our time. The reason this way is the most effective is that advertising can be done to a targeted audience that is likely to be interested in the advertised product.

According to research, more than 67% of Greeks visit at least one of the well-known social media every day from their mobile phone, tablet or computer., through its long-standing presence in the internet space and the experience of its employees in the provision of online services, has developed a series of innovative strategies for Social Media Marketing whose main objective is to strengthen the presence of the displayed business in the spaces where the majority of internet users are active (such as: social media networks, blogs, etc.).

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the most successful and popular social media. Millions of users visit this page every day to be entertained, to express their opinion and to communicate with other people.

Whether you want to get more likes on your Facebook page or a share, or get more traffic to your website, Facebook advertising is definitely an extremely powerful tool.

With the advanced targeting capabilities provided by Facebook, which makes advertising particularly effective, you can achieve the desired result which is none other than awareness of your business.


Facebook ads are displayed on each user's home page (selected by Facebook based on the criteria set), on mobile, tablet and desktop, or on the right side of the screen. You can also display your ad on Instagram.

Each ad is shown to thousands of users all over Greece or the whole world. It is important to mention that the targeting criteria are completely specialized based on the profile of the audience you are interested in (region, age, studies, interests, etc.)

We undertake to create your own advertising campaign on Facebook and at the same time our creative department will create the banners you want. Together with our technical department you will find the profile of the members you want to reach so that your advertisement has better results.

We also do page creation and cover photo and profile photo design.

Google Adwords

Google offers businessmen the ability to create paid online campaigns, thereby achieving a special position on the 1st page of Google for keywords. It is about Google AdWords which is an impressive platform with unlimited possibilities, providing excellent results to those who know how to manage it in the right way.

It is aimed at everyone who wants increased sales and securing a position on the first page of search results. Millions of businesses worldwide use them and have seen a positive impact.

Is it time to advertise on Google?

The advantages that Google Adwords can offer an entrepreneur are many:

  Advertising on Google is highly effective and significantly increases the likelihood of acquiring new customers.
New customers, by clicking on the ad, will be taken to the company's website or even to an e-shop, thus getting very close to buying a product. New customers signal an increase in business profitability. In just a few minutes you will see traffic to your website from potential customers.

  More and more people are advertising on Google.
Surely one of your competitors will have done it. While you don't, you let others advertise at very low cost and high success rates, of course taking customers from you. Advertise now, while the cost is still low and you can still achieve very high immediate results.

  The good thing about this type of advertising is that you get to choose the keywords you want your ad to appear on, so visitors who see your page will have clicked on the keywords for what your business has to offer.
So they are very close to what they are looking for, so what better than to appear in front of their eyes at the moment they are looking for exactly what you provide? And if they see a good offer, you will definitely get their attention! Google AdWords appear when someone is looking for something specific, so they are very effective in converting website visitors into actual customers. There is no better tool for reaching people who are truly interested in what your business provides. This increases quality traffic to your website.

  It is also possible to target a specific audience in a specific geographic area.
This reduces the cost of advertising, but also increases the purchase rate of those who click on your ad, showing it only in the areas you can serve.

If you want to publicize a new site you have created or you want to increase sales or even test the success of a product/service you want to launch, Google AdWords is the best solution for you.

Google Adwords is a great tool in the hands of someone who knows how it works. If advertising is not done properly, the cost can be high without a good response. For this reason, it is very important to entrust your advertising to an expert who knows the platform well, as it is complex to use. Only in this way can you ensure the maximization of advertising performance and thus your money.

We at have managed several campaigns, counting many happy customers with an increase in their recognition, profitability and sales. We can significantly increase the Quality Index controlled by the platform to maximize your results at the lowest possible cost, achieving competitive prices with excellent results. Finally, reports and statistics are constantly checked by Google so that the advertising campaign can be adjusted whenever changes are required.